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It has been a while since my last post, what happened? Well as it turns out, my SYS teacher was right! So the game has been on hold for a while because of multiple reasons.

The game has been on hold because Clinton and I are simply too occupied with our school work that we have very little time to develop the game. With new assignments and tests every other week, there is very little time to do anything other than school work. However, this is not the only reason the game has been delayed.

With school being more important than our fun little side game, we have obviously chosen to do school work before our game. Do not worry though, the game will be completed I can assure you! And if anyone plans on starting their own project some time make sure to have some constraints.

Do you like rockets? Do you like stars? Do you like both? Well I have some special news, rockets and starts have been added to the game! Since my last post several things have been added to the game including: generated levels, the players ship, input, rockets, blocks and parallax stars! The game will be completed before you know it! We have made an input class which will get the players input for the game. So far the input has been used to maneuver through the menu and control the players ship.

The players ship has been added to the game so we now have a working ship drawn onto the screen. With the input class completed the player can control the ship around the screen and shoot rockets! The rockets are fairly basic right now, they simply get drawn and shoot.

The next step is to make them collide with the blocks. The blocks are also fairly basic right now, they are drawn on the screen but there is no collision detection for them either. They also make it easier to see how well the level generation is working. It procedurally generates levels based on a seed and the difficulty. The last thing that was added to the game is the parallax stars. Parallax put simply makes objects further away move more slowly than the objects that are closer to the camera.

It give a false depth perception to the stars and puts the final touch to our very basic but working prototype of the game. What else is left to do? Study break is here which means I finally have some free time! This break week is the perfect opportunity to start a new project.One of the base thing that we learned this semester when talking about OOP was function permissions, functions can be public, private and protected, and we all know that a class constructor has to be public, right?


Otherwise, how are you going to instantiate the class? You want to see an example of private constructor? Enter a Singleton Pattern: What is a Singleton — a singleton is a way to create your object where instead of instantiating an object, you get an instance of the object that has been previously created.

If the instance does not exist, then the instance will be created, but check out following code:.

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Now, I know, the example is kind of weak, I mean that SuperCoolFunction just outputs some stuff to the screen, right? So you might ask yourself — where would I possibly use an approach like this? Consider following scenario — you are writing an application of some sort. As we can imagine, we will have to keep those options somewhere in the file and to access those we need to open the file, read it, and close it.

Even worse if you have to modify those options at some point. Using a handy Singleton Pattern, we have one instance of options for our application loaded and available to all objects that might require it. If you need to know how to download tortoise svn or how to checkout there is tons if videos also available on youube. The return value for abs value and fabs value is an absolute value int for abs and floating point for fabs.

By the way, a few days ago we learned what signed and unsigned variables are. At least should gave some kind of warning at compile time.

I will do more research on this later. We are not allow to use break and continue in our code from now on, but we have not been told anything about exit.

Just installed Internet Explorer 9 Beta which available for Download now. And I would say that I am quite impressed with it.


Microsoft really did something great this time! Very attractive User Interface and it is considerably faster. Also available in variety of different languages, improvements of graphics etc. I have, but I did not understand before what were they really looking for. For example, if you want to set 2 digits after the decimal point you can use following magic formula in you code:.

Today I learned a really great special functions that I did not know about before — templates.Fardad wrote a program that would read a series of doubles from a binary file and print them on the screen using cout.

He then challenged us to modify his code to print the numbers in reverse from the end of the file, and that a similar question may end up on a test. I want the table to be directly under the first header on the page, followed by subsequent headers but as I keep adding content, it always shows up above the table. The best part was everyone showed up and was on time, hopefully we can repeat that for our second meeting on Saturday night.

The topics covered were pretty straight forward, making sure everyone had the basics of svn down, how to approach Assignment Two and some basic rules and practices like having separate main s for each group member. After some research, I found a fix. I added void to the parameter definitions of the function prototypes and function headers which had no parameters.

Thanks to the long summer break, my programming skills are pretty rusty. Nonetheless, I will attempt Challenge 1. This is my first blog and first post for the OOP course. Blog at WordPress. Well, that seems like a good start, more posts to come! Stay tuned! By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.Forum Beginners Reading a.

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Mar 14, at pm UTC. I have a. If you want to read part of the file in a buffer you must use an array. Yea i had char chr[]; before and took it out to see if it would work.

Im getting a bunch of of weird characters stored in chr[] when i display it. Depends on what is actually stored in that dat file. I guessed that much. My question was rather about what is saved in that binary file. Thats what im not sure about because my professor made the. He told the class to read the list of students form the binary file its a file with student names and courses they are takingsort it and create an ASCII file with it.

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Without the file format, you can't really extract any meaningful data from it. He MUST have told you something like, "First four bytes are an int length, the next length bytes are a string" etc. Last edited on Mar 14, at pm UTC. That's actually exactly what you need to read the file since now you know the structure it was written in.

It's been a while since I have dealt with bin files so I don't remember the exact syntax, but the data in the file will follow the structure of the class exactly. Can't remember exactly but you might even be able to read the whole class into a StudentRecordData object with a single instruction.

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No you don't. There is quite a number of ways to serialize this. Though unless your professor is an Not really, unless you already have a deserialization function available.

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Mar 15, at pm UTC. How would i fix that and my prof showed me this way is there another way to read? Wait i think i figured it out. It's still a bad idea. Unhandled exception at 0x53afcac8 msvcrd.Post a comment.

Friday, 13 April Exam Reference Book my notes. By identifying the objects and activities, we can have:.


Import class. Include file imagine. Copy file into the file. X Inheritance. X O bjectname. Use method variablename. Create Module — why declare define? Why declaration has to put in header files? Where declare define?


Write all necessary code, which contains include other header file if that file has to be used, is the module. Situation: A function has to be defined before B function if B definition calls A ; B function has to be defined before A function if A definition calls B. Start linker- link the definition to main to form exe file p. Bcc32 main. All components are in exe file now and can run exe file to perform results start from start, variables, functions, class above main are being referred- see below.

For the header file, if other file has to be used, then use forward declaration instead see below table of include that header file to avoid conflict; Duplicate methods are ok. First check what happen inside class structure — field, method, constructor. Basic Class Structure declare, define, access, scope [ where can be accessed, requirement, after access].

Destroyed if out of block and can be re-declared. Now is more easy. Not destroyed if out of block and ignore this statement e. Student harry.


Implicit and Explicit Parameters Definition for above:. Member functions on current object have 2 types of parameters.


Fields inside method, which allocated memory when construct current object and deallocated when destruct. Method parameters, which allocated memory when method is called and deallocated when method call ends. Declare in Method declaration. Operator are implemented as built in functions.Subject Description This subject expands the student's skill-set in object-oriented programming and introduces the student to threaded programming.

IPC Assignment 1 Help [Part 2]

Learning Outcomes Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to: design collections of model objects using sequential containers and multi-dimensional arrays to solve a systems or business problem create function objects and closures to customize a programming solution for a particular application model generalization and specialization using inheritance hierarchies to minimize the duplication of code model polymorphic behavior using interfaces, virtual functions and templates generics to amplify the reusability of code implement design components using algorithms from the standard template library to utilize existing technologies create program components of quadratic complexity to solve non-linear problems create program components using raw pointers, pointer arithmetic and smart pointers to access data in program memory design multi-tasked solutions using threading libraries to improve the performance of a program.

Academic Integrity Seneca upholds a learning community that values academic integrity, honesty, fairness, trust, respect, responsibility and courage. These values enhance Seneca's commitment to deliver high-quality education and teaching excellence, while supporting a positive learning environment.

Section 2. Information and assistance are available from the Student Conduct Office at student. Accommodation for Students with Disabilities The College will provide reasonable accommodation to students with disabilities in order to promote academic success. If you require accommodation, contact the Counselling and Accessibility Services Office at ext. Mode of Instruction Classroom lectures and discussions are reinforced by assigned readings and assignments between classes and lab sessions.

This course is also offered online. Distant learning students please refer to addendum. It is the student's responsibility to save documents, articles and notes that the instructor has provided on BlackBoard or in class.

Modes of Evaluation Since this is a professional credit subject, marking standards reinforce professional practice by demanding legible, tidy work. Written materials should be well organized and grammatically correct, with proper spelling and punctuation.

Assignments Students must retain a duplicate of all assignments. Computer assignments should be documented to the instructor's standards. Assignments must be handed in on the scheduled due date.

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Late assignments are penalized. For particulars, please obtain standards, dates, etc. Absenteeism and Tests Students should be aware that absenteeism will impact on their ability to achieve satisfactory grades. If you miss a test, you must provide the reason in writing to the instructor prior to the next scheduled class.

If your reason is accepted, you will be permitted to write a make-up test. Otherwise, you will be given a zero for the test. Students must pass the final exam in order to pass the subject.Wednesday, January 6, OOP as2 - update. I am trying to build a basic text editor using the linked list that Verity started before the break. Tomorrow I will be at school getting help from Anton and Hash northWind. I just got back from a 1 week vacation in Punta Cana. It was awesome! I have sometimes wondered "why use pointers when reference is so similar, and the syntax is not as confussing?

As for the assignment, I hope to spend December 26th getting caught up on what my group did while I was swimming in the ocean. Thursday, November 26, abstract base class- pure virtual. Team Funktion had an in-person meeting last night in the Seneca York library.

Our tag folder on SVN has been updated so that it is compiling. A vs project has been added to the tag folder. The branches folder is messy my fault and apparently, the trunk is not compiling not my fault.

If it's ok with everybody, when we get our new SVN coming soon we should work with the compiled code that is in our tag folder. Fardad said that as part of the final evaluation, we will each have to grade each other anonymously. It is important to remember that if you are not sending emails or blogging or updating your user. That's really tough for me because I can barely figure out what I coded. Even if you have little to report. A few words on a regular basis will remind the team that you are still with them.

Even if you are not committing code. This is another place that Fardad will look when he is grading you. Assigned Class. Remember that having an assigned class does not mean you have to write it by yourself. Having an assigned class means that you are responsible for making sure it works when we are submitting, but everybody should be involved with all parts of the project.

Even if all you do is walk-through it. If you are waiting on another class in order to proceed, than perhaps you should offer to help out. You can even start by giving the class some basic functionality so you can move forward.

You can also be involved by optimizing other parts of the code. Just be sure to discuss it with the person in charge before you commit any revision. I started working on Assignment 2 last weekend.

After spending some time trying to get started, I gave up and just reviewed Linked Lists instead. I recorded the meeting. You can download it here. Tonight I will be meeting with a tutor in the learning center to help me get started with some actual code. Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.

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